Business Ecosystem

At RL Group Asia, we’ve created a diverse and interconnected business ecosystem that offers comprehensive solutions for your global ambitions. Our ecosystem is designed to provide seamless support across various aspects of international business and luxury lifestyle management.

RLG Private Jet

Provides an unparalleled private aviation experience with a diverse fleet ranging from turboprops and light jets to ultra-long range jets and helicopters for personalized travel needs.
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RL Yachting

Designing and coordinating luxurious yacht events, offering services like yacht chartering, commercial yacht sales, maintenance, MICE planning, wedding planning, and travel agency services.
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RL Mansion

Offers luxury private villa, penthouse, condo rental services across prime vacation destinations in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Europe to enhance the opulent RL experience for customers.
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Flore Agency

Flore Model is a pioneering talent management agency that discovers, nurtures, and represents exceptional models while providing comprehensive media production and personal styling services.
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Coffee Supplier

Bazan Robusta is a premium Vietnamese coffee brand specializing in 100% pure Robusta beans sourced from the renowned Buon Me Thuot region, offering customizable blends and sustainable, ethical sourcing practices.
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Medical Tourism

Thailand Medical Tour provides personalized wellness travel experiences that integrate innovative medical treatments with holistic healing approaches like Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and energy therapies at the exclusive RAKxa wellness resort.
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RLG Visa Hub

RLG Visa Hub is a trusted service provider assisting with streamlined visa application processes, overstay resolutions, and comprehensive immigration support for a seamless experience in Thailand.
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RLG Expo

RL Group Expo curates large-scale exhibitions and trade fairs, serving as platforms for global brands to showcase their offerings, conduct market research, establish local presence, and forge valuable business connections.
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Comprehensive Services

We offer a one-stop solution for all your expansion needs.

Strong Network and Partnerships

Leverage our extensive network and strategic partnerships to access valuable connections and opportunities

Integrated Ecosystem

Leverage our ecosystem to showcase your brand, establish market presence, and forge valuable connections.

Global Expansion Opportunities

Tap into markets in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Dubai, USA, and European countries.

Extensive Local Expertise

Benefit from our expertise in local business practices, cultural nuances, and regulatory frameworks ensures a smooth and successful expansion.

Tailored Solutions

We customize our approach to fit your unique business requirements.

Join Us on Your Global Journey

Whether you’re a business looking to expand internationally or an individual seeking to optimize your global assets, RL Group Asia is your trusted partner in achieving your global ambitions.

Contact us today to start your journey towards international success.

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