Business Consulting

person holding pencil near laptop computer
person holding pencil near laptop computer
city skyline during night time
city skyline during night time

Legal Consultancy

Business Formation & Structure

Representative Packages

Regulatory Compliance

Dispute Resolution

Tailored Vietnam Market Expansion

Market Research & Analysis

Business Establishment

Localization Strategy

Partnership & Distribution Channel Development

Marketing & PR Strategy

Real Estate

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photo of dining table and chairs inside room
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hallway between glass-panel doors

Commercial Estate Rental Service

Office / Shop House Rental & Interior Design Service

Warehouse Rental

Factory Rental & Interior Design Service

Corporate Housing Solutions

Condo / Private Villa / Service Apartment Rentals for Expats in Vietnam

Relocation Services

Work-permit Application Services

Immigration & Citizenship by Investment

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brown concrete building near body of water during daytime
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people on beach during daytime


Office / Shop House Rental & Interior Design Service

Warehouse Rental

Factory Rental & Interior Design Service

Other Regions

Condo / Private Villa / Service Apartment Rentals for Expats in Vietnam

Relocation Services

Work-permit Application Services

Luxury Travel | Special Tourism

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Yacht Charter Services

Private Yacht Charter

Destination Planning

Customized private yacht events / parties

Yacht Sales & Brokerage

Yacht Management

Yacht Maintenance & Repairs

Crew Services

Air Charter Services

Private Charter Services (Single / Group)

Destination Planning & Support

Concierge Services

Emergency Medical Transport

What we have:

Private Jet (<16 people) | Helicopter | Medical Jet

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Private Property Services

Vacation Condo / Private Villa for rent

Property Sales & Management

Concierge Services

Private Event & Wedding Planning Services

Interior Design Services

Wellness Travel Planning Service

Personalized Itinerary & Medical Consulting

Location & Wellness Program Consulting

Concierge Services

Post-trip Follow-up

people watching soccer arenapeople watching soccer arena
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Sport Travel Services

Football Tour Packages for Family or Corporate

Personalized Itinerary

Concierge Services

Legend Fan Meetup

Culture & Culinary Travel Services

Culinary Tour to Special Locations for Couple/Groups

Food Culture - Interaction Activities

Concierge Services

Media & Entertainment


Photoshooting (Products / Fashion / Real-Estate)

Commercial Video Production

Shooting Location Consultancy

Talent Management

Model Booking for Commercial Projects

Professional Talent Casting Service

Influencer Booking & Management

Football Player Endorsements / Ambassador Packages

Our Location: Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Russia, Brazil, Poland, Ukraine.

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Styling Services

Monthly Personal Styling Package

Personal Branding Management

Personal Shopping Services

Fashion Trend Research & Analysis

Marketing & PR Consultancy

Media Relations Consultancy & Management

Public Relations Consultancy & Management

Digital Marketing Consultancy & Management

people sitting on chairs watching a gamepeople sitting on chairs watching a game

Event Planning & Management

MICE / Event Planning

Event Production

Concierge Services

Art Institute



Fashion Stylists

Make-up Artists



RL Group Expo, an ambitious offshoot of RL Group Asia, seeks to make great strides as Southeast Asia's premier platform for business expansion and market understanding, especially within the dynamic Vietnamese landscape. Following its successful ventures in 2022, including hosting exclusive business dinners for VVIP Clients on a yacht, and sponsoring the S.E.A Connect Event by Simple Group, RL Group Expo has fostered a deeper understanding of the Vietnam Market among Global Enterprises.

In 2023, the Global Trade Expo was held at the prestigious Grand Saigon Hotel, marking another milestone in the organization's journey. The event saw participation from an array of sectors including Luxury Travel, Education, Sustainability, and Toys, further broadening RL Group Expo's diverse portfolio.

Looking to the future, April 2024 promises to be an exciting time as RL Group Expo prepares to host Vietnam's first-ever Pet Expo. As a dynamic platform, RL Group Expo continually seeks opportunities to innovate and broaden horizons, cementing its reputation as a significant facilitator of business connections and growth in Southeast Asia.

Talent Management

Flore Model stands as a pioneering force in talent management. Established in 2020, Flore Model has a core focus on providing international models to local brands, fostering a captivating blend of global appeal and local relevance.

What began as a local endeavor soon transcended borders. By 2023, Flore Model evolved into a multinational enterprise with an impressive footprint spanning Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Its expansion reflects the commitment to creating opportunities for international talents and offering diverse, high-quality representation for brands across Southeast Asia. Flore Model is not just a talent management agency—it's a bridge connecting international models with thriving local markets, and a testament to the power of diverse representation in modern business.

Flore Agency, another prominent arm of RL Group Asia, is a forward-thinking media production company that extends its expertise into business consulting, specializing in marketing and PR strategies in Vietnam. Since its establishment in 2020, Flore Agency has made its mark in the industry by successfully executing over 100 media projects.

Committed to creating compelling narratives and innovative media content, Flore Agency also uses its deep understanding of the Vietnamese market to guide businesses in crafting effective marketing and PR strategies. By blending creativity with strategic thinking, Flore Agency has emerged as a powerful ally for businesses seeking to strengthen their brand presence and engagement in Vietnam. With each project, Flore Agency is not just telling a story, but helping businesses make their mark in a dynamic market.

RL Yachting is a purveyor of luxury sailing experiences and yacht sales across globe-spanning locations including Vietnam, Thailand, Dubai, France, Greece, and Italy. Recognized for its unparalleled maritime services, RL Yachting has firmly established its footing in the luxury yachting sector, offering both private charters and group excursions tailored to client desires. Our team of seasoned professionals harness their maritime expertise to deliver unique and unforgettable adventures on the water.

Beyond immersive sailing experiences, RL Yachting also caters to those seeking to invest in the yachting lifestyle, offering a curated selection of new builds and pre-owned vessels. Exceptional customer service forms the foundation of our operations, with every journey meticulously planned to ensure a seamless and memorable sailing experience for our clients. At RL Yachting, the pursuit of maritime dreams merges with reality, transcending borders and redefining luxury sailing experiences.

RL Mansion, an esteemed subsidiary of RL Group Asia, proudly offers an impressive portfolio of over 200 luxury villified properties around the globe, catering to the discerning travelers seeking the perfect blend of privacy and opulence. Set in the world's most stunning locales, from verdant tropical jungles to untouched sandy beaches, these residences are designed to cater to various needs, offering an idyllic setting for romantic getaways, family holidays, or memorable trips with friends. Each property encapsulates the allure of a five-star hotel, complete with modern amenities and top-notch services, yet maintains the privacy and comfort of a personal abode.

Beyond mere accommodation, RL Mansion is committed to crafting unparalleled experiences, offering personalized services like private tours, yacht arrangements, and exclusive air travel. With a global footprint spanning Vietnam, Thailand, Dubai, France, Greece, and Italy, RL Mansion represents an immersive journey into luxury and personalized experiences, creating memories that last a lifetime.