Company Introduction

Introduction to RL Group Asia, an ecosystem of collaborative ventures, serving as a nexus between global brands and the Southeast Asian markets.

RL Group Asia is more than a business group; we are a dynamic network of brands, each with its distinct identity, yet unified in purpose. Our journey began with a shared vision – to create a platform that embraces diversity, cultivates growth, and fosters connections among brands and consumers.

Our mission

Our vision

At RL Group Asia, we strive to bring global experiences closer to the local community in the South East Asia. Our mission is to support global brands in their market expansion, providing high-quality services and events that resonate with our local audience. We believe in the power of creating connections that foster growth and mutual understanding.

To become the foremost partner for global brands seeking market expansion in Southeast Asia. We aim to be the pivotal link that connects the global market to the local communities, fostering a fusion of experiences that captivate, educate, and inspire.


Explore our diverse range of Business Units, all designed to meet the dynamic needs of global brands venturing into the Southeast Asian market. From specialized media production to luxury yacht services, talent management to private vacation properties, our commitment to delivering high-quality services is at the heart of all we do.